SLOBBY ROBBY - Netflix Show Season 2, His Own Clothing Brand, BREAKING NEWS Slobby Robby Game Show, & A Slobby Robby Toy Line

This was a fun episode with the man, Slobby Robby! First time interviewing someone while they were laying in there Versace sheets, hopefully not the last. We talk about the Netflix show Slobbys World and if there will be a season 2 or not, a Slobby Robby clothing brand called, Man Child, A Slobby Robby toy line, and a Slobby Robby game show coming soon. Also, a Slobby Robby Podcast called, Culture Vulture coming soon as well. Robby has a lot going on and a lot coming up. Chris and I were so happy to have him on to talk about the history of Generation Cool, his store, and everything else under the sun. Mainly Goonies and food. If you enjoy our show please Subscribe, Rate & Review, Follow, Download, and Share! Thanks so much to Jared Callan from Tourror Stories Podcast for sitting in with us on this one, we love ya buddy! Go follow Slobby Robby on IG, @SlobbyRobby, and Sub on YouTube, @GenerationCoolTV. Look for his Podcast coming soon! For those that actually read these descriptions if you stick around til the end theres a treat for you. Love yall dearly and we're so grateful that you're here! Check out season 1 of Slobbys World on Netflix now.

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