RONI STONEMAN - Told she was TOO UGLY, her dad was recorded by THOMAS EDISON, first female banjo player, and she was a HEE HAW star.

Roni Stoneman is chocked full of legendary stories and history in music and TV. This episode is a little longer than normal because I wanted to be able to get as much of her awesomeness in it as possible. She started with the legendary Stoneman Family with her father, Ernest "Pop" Stoneman, who recorded the first ever one million seller country record and he was the first one recorded by Thomas Edison himself. She was one of the first female banjo players. She left the Stoneman Family and got a role on the legendary TV show, Hee Haw, where she would stay for several years making audiences laugh and dance. She was told she was too ugly to play at certain clubs, but she pressed on. Speaking of which, she now has a book out called, "Pressing On", which you can get at the link below. Thanks so much for coming out and chatting with us Roni, you're an absolute legend. Thank y"all for tuning in and for rating reviewing and subscribing! We love ya dearly.

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