RAZZY BAILEY - The State Of Country Music Today & A FIREAt Universal Studios That Burned All Of Razzy's Master Recordings

WE'RE BACK! Sorry for the gap in the episode upload schedule. We definitely didn't plan on the delay, but we are back on track and will have a new episode every Tuesday at 6AM CT from here on. On this episode we have Razzy Bailey and we get into an honest conversation about the current state of country music today, from the point of view of two legends, Jim Vest and Razzy, and Marty Ray. We also get to ask Razzy about the Universal Studios fire that burned up all his master recordings. Crazy and sad stuff. This is a must listen! We have a new format coming soon where we will have video as well as audio. Find all Razzy Bailey's music anywhere music is consumed. PLEASE Subscribe, Rate & Review, and Download wether you like it or not. Thanks so much for listening! 

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