POOP COFFEE - Trying Worlds Most EXPENSIVE Coffee Made From Animal POOP, Trying Coffee Dip Packs, & Blind Taste Test Challenge Between Starbucks & Dunkin'

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin, Jared Callan, and Marty Ray taste test the worlds most expensive coffee that is made from an animals turd. You'll hear what the guys think about it and if its worth the price. Also, they try another coffee product called Coffee Dip that comes in a Skoal can. Finally because of an argument between Jared and Marty, they blind taste test Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts regular black coffee to see if Jared can pick out which one is which and also, which they prefer. There's also some other random conversations in this episode as well that im sure you'll love. Thanks so much for tuning in! 

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