NEAL McCOY - Take A Knee My A** Song, Singing During COVID, Saying The Pledge Of Allegiance EVERY MORNING on Facebook Live, & Rob Schneider

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin & Marty Ray interview a legend in Country Music, Neal McCoy. We chat about Neals hit songs like: Wink, Shake, No Doubt About It, and the controversial Take A Knee My A**. We chat about what it's like singing and performing during COVID, being attacked for his political views, patriotism, reciting the Pledge Of Allegiance every morning on his Facebook Page, & even being friends with Rob Schneider. Also, we get a quick lesson on horses and the country life. We have a place for our videos of the Podcast episodes to live now on our new YouTube channel, The Marty Ray Project: Chats is where you'll find that, of course. PLEASE Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download, & Share the show if you like it and think its worthy. If you hate it, share it to your enemies. 

Get all info about Neal on his website and be sure and tune in one morning or two for the Pledge of Allegiance on his FB page. 

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