IRA DEAN - Why Didn't He Listen To My CD, Trick Pony, & Judging A Nudist Colony Competition

DON'T MISS THIS ONE! Chris Wallin's good friend, Ira Dean tells us all about starting the band Trick Pony, playing with Tanya Tucker, living with Johnny Cash, and being ajudge at a nudist colony competition. He and Chris have been on some wild adventures. We also talk about why he never listened to Marty Ray's CD. It's a blast of an episode where we even get into some foods you should never eat. Come on and enjoy this one with us! Go see Ira Dean playing with Aaron Lewis on tour now and find him on all social media platforms! PLEASE: Subscribe, Rate & Review, Share, Follow, and whatever else you can do to this Podcast digitally. We love ya! God bless yall! 

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