DIAMOND DALLAS PAGE - Fistfight With Eric Bischoff, Stone Cold Friendship, The Toughest Wrestler Backstage, & It's Not Just @#!$ Yoga!

On this episode, Marty Ray and Chris Wallin Chat with Diamond Dallas Page. He's a hall of fame wrestler that wrestled for the WCW and AEW. He is also an actor and a fitness coach that will get you into shape in no time with his creation, DDP YOGA. We chat with DDP about the wrestler you'd want in your corner in a street fight, being friends with Stone Cold Steve Austin and Jake The Snake, and fighting with Eric Bischoff. That is all packed into this episode and so much more! Thanks to all the loyal listeners for DOWNLOADING, SUBSCRIBING, FOLLOWING, RATE & REVIEWING, SHARING & anything else you can possibly do to these podcasts online! We love yall! Find DDP on all social media apps and if you need a workout program proven time and again to get people into excellent shape, download DDP YOGA NOW! Look for DDp's new documentary coming soon as well! 

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