DAVID CHAMBERLAIN -- Multiple George Strait Hits, Losing All Song Rights to the IRS, & The Glory Days of Printers Alley

These episodes that we're releasing at the moment were recorded before COVID so David wasn't sick with it in this episode. David Chamberlain is a well decorated songwriter that our very own Jim Vest got started in the business. I'm sure glad he did too because we would've missed out on some great songs if not. We talk about the IRS taking Davids song rights away sparked by an addiction, the days when movie stars and every artist would frequent Printers Alley, and even a murder on Printers Alley. There's some lighter hearted stuff here too like, fishing and whatnot. Thanks for listening! I'm truly grateful for our subscribers and regulars! If you havent already RATE & REVIEW (we're going to start mentioning certain reviewers on the show soon), SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE! Love yall to death! Some changes coming to the show format soon. We will have great video as well as audio and Marty's co-host has changed from Jim Vest to Chris Wallin due to COVID. We'll miss ya being on the show Jim.

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