BRADY SEALS - Little Texas, Three #1 Hit Songs in a Row, The Hall Of Fame, & Hot Apple Pie

On todays episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats we have Brady Seals from the legendary band Little Texas and from the legendary Seals & Croft family. He had the ASCAP triple threat in songwriting, three number hit songs in a row, not many get that honor. He also has a book coming out about his life in, and out, of the band Little Texas called, "God Bless Texas, and Me Too". Look for Brady Seals on all social media platforms and look for his book on Amazon. Thanks so much to our loyal listeners! We're truly grateful! We have a new format coming soon that will include video as well as audio. It's gonna be a blast. Please, Rate & Review, Subscribe, Download, & Share! We love y'all dearly!   

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