FOOD SHOWDOWN - White Castle Vs Krystal - Blind Taste Test, Chuck E. Cheese Pizza Conspiracy, Cheeseburger Flavored Pringles, & David Dobrik Puzzle and Cancellation

On this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats Podcast, Chris Wallin and Marty Ray solve the age old battle of which slider is superior, White Castle or Krystal. They also discuss the Chuck E. Cheese pizza conspiracy, some limited edition cheeseburger Pringles, S'mores Chips Ahoy, and Red Velvet Chips Ahoy. Also in this episode they chat about David Dobriks 100k Puzzle that Marty has finally finished piecing together. Will he win 100,000 dollars? Lastley, they touch on the cancel culture in todays society and how quickly David Dobrik has lost every sponsor he had. PLEASE Subscribe, Downalod, Rate & Review! 

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