BUDDY HYATT - TOTO, Randy Travis, Tracy Lawrence, & Poopin off a boat

I hope everyone is healthy and happy at the time of this post! The storm and coronavirus has delayed us here in Nashville slightly, but we're still created content and posting every week, this delay will be a constant. A new episode will be up every Monday from this point forward. This weeks episode is a fun one with a friend of Jim's and now a friend of mine, Buddy Hyatt, on to talk about the crazy way he became a touring member of the band TOTO. Buddy has worked with other monster artists as well like: Randy Travis, JoDee Mesina, Tracy Lawrence, and Lee Brice, to name a few. He now has his own studio in Nashville called Music City Trax and you can go to www.buddyhyatt.com to book your next session with him and the man Jim Vest. Speaking of Jim, theres a story that Buddy tells about him and Jim that involves a boat, an upset stomach, and some poop that you have to hear. Join ud for this Marty Ray Project: Chats, I think you'll like it! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, FOLLOW, DOWNLOAD, RATE & REVIEW! I love yall dearly and we'll chat next week.