BERT KREISCHER - Intimate DM's Between Bert & Marty, Being The Real Life VAN WILDER, GO BIG TV Show, Podcasting Vs. TV, & MartySings To Berts Wife

In this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, Chris Wallin, Marty Ray, and Special guest host, Jared Callan, interview the comedic legend, Bert Kreischer. They chat about Berts past TV career: Trip Flip, Hurt Bert, and Bert The Conquerer. Aslo, Berts new TV shows and Specials on Netflix and TBS: Go-Big Show, Hey Big Boy, The Cabin, and Secret Time. We also find out Berts perfect fast food meal, his take on the state of comedy now as opposed to the less politically correct era, how he felt about National Lampoons Van Wilder using him as inspiration for the movie, but not including him, The Machine story and the Russian friends he made, and his wife, LeAnne's, love for Country Music. There's a lot in this jam packed, fun, episode! Please share the show with friends and enemies. LOVE YALL! Download, Subscribe, RAte & Review, and Share!

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