MARK SHERRILL - Writing "Ol' Red" for Blake Shelton, 3000 Songs Written, & Having Bars Named After Your Song

This is the last episode that we will hear my good buddy Jim Vest on the mic, for now. Because of all this crap going on, he won't be able to continue the show. We have a great new co-host in Chris Wallin though with a fun new format where we integrated video as well as audio. ON THIS EPISODE we have the awesome songwriter, MARK SHERRILL. He has written songs for artist like John Anderson, Charlie Rich, and of course Blake Shelton. He wrote the song "Ol' Red" and now has many bars named after his song. What an honor. We chat about all that, how he's adjusting his writing style to fit the modern country era, and more. Thanks so much for tuning in! PLEASE: Subscribe, Follow, Rate & Review, Download & Share! Man, thats a lot of asking. If y'all do all that you're true fans. We love ya dearly and are grateful that you listen. Hope you enjoy! 

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