VANILLA ICE - His thoughts on my cover of Ice Ice Baby, TMNT, Ninjas, and Suge Knight

In this episode of The Marty Ray Project: Chats, we chat with our friend Vanilla Ice, AKA Rob Van Winkle, and get his thoughts on the Marty Ray Project version of his iconic song, Ice Ice Baby. We also set the record straight about what actually happened between him and Suge Knight a long time ago. Other than that its Ninja Turtles and Japanese Ninja shows. We do have fun! Check out Vanilla Ice Project and his new show Mystery Rides on DIY and HGTV. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, DOWNLOAD, & RATE! Love ya! In this episode Vanilla Ice challenges me to do something different with his TMNT song Ninja Rap, so I did a little bit at the end. Hope y'all enjoy it! 

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